NGC 7000 – The North America Nebula


NGC 7000 is a photographic nebula located very close to the +1.25 magnitude Deneb star in the Cygnus constellation.

It is usually photographed using narrow-band filters which allow to show it as a high contrast object. However, this image has been taken unfiltered what leads to a more natural appearance.

The image is full of stars since we are imaging just in a Milky Way dense area.

Its name comes from its similarity with the North America outline. The Gulf of Mexico is the dark area  due to dust between the emission nebula and us.

A simple unmodified DSLR and a good telephoto zoom are able to obtain pleasing images of nebula fields although the lens focal length (200 mm) requires guiding to obtain pinpoint stars. 




Optics:   EF 200 mm f/2.8 Canon Lens 

Camera: Canon 70D DSLR non-modified body


Exposure details: 

NGC 7000 image is a composition of 49 guided exposures, 480 seconds each.