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2020: GalaxiesSoup web site is ready! site is complete on its first version.

A place to show some of my best images and to gather some useful articles about astronomy and astrophotography.

2019: Astrophotographer of the Year shortlisted!

My image ‘A Pair of Universes’ has been shortlisted in the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2019 Competition organized by the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

The image has been shortlisted from over 4600 entries submitted from 90 countries across the globe.

Although the image has not been selected as a prize-winner, it is an honor to share the galaxies shortlist with renowned astrophotographers such as Martin Pugh.

2018: Sky & Telescope Magazine publishes the article ‘When the color came from the Down Under’

Sky & Telescope magazine publishes one article on the November 2018 issue which I wrote during a few months. The article explaines the introduction of the colour on the astrophotography and how Malin developed a photographic process to create spectacular colour images of nebulae and galaxies from the late ’70 to mid ’80. People discovered that the sky had colour thanks to him.

David Malin kindly helped me with the article providing details and images.

Sky & Telescope magazine November 2018 issue index

2018: Amateur Astronomy Picture of the day on november 10th

‘Perseid over the Galleon’ image chosen for Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD2).

2015: Print publication on the Sky & Telescope magazine

Startrails behind a 16th Century Watch Tower is published on Sky&Telescope magazine.

2012: How Many Moons? Winner of the ESA 2012 Space science competition

ESA selects my image as 2012 Space Science Image competition winner. The image shows the conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter with its four main satellites.

ESA competition page

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