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Astrophotography is a demanding art which requires a cluster of competences such as astronomy, electronics, mechanics, optics, software management, digital image processing, etc.

In addition to all these knowledges, you need access to a clear sky. I have been trying to imaging from the city for years but light polluted skies made very difficult to obtain good results. For this reason, I decided to move the equipment to the countryside and control the scope and camera remotely. This is possible for the amateur astrophotographer thanks to the current technology. This decision allowed me imaging my preferred celestial objects; galaxies.

I have been imaging the sky for more than thirty years. These pages contain only a small sample of my recent work with telescopes and digital cameras. I have written some article to help you to know more on this fascinating type of photography.

Thank you for visiting Galaxies Soup site. I hope you enjoy the beauty of our Universe through some of my images.





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The 10 Golden Rules of Astrophotography

Past & Present

Galaxies Soup Experiences

The 10 Golden Rules of Astrophotography

Past & Present


How to find a Supernovae?

A supernovae is a violent explosion of a massive star on a remote galaxy. This article shows how can we detect that events.

Past and present

Astrophotography has changed a lot on the last twenty five years. We passed from the lazy film to the modern electronics sensors. The means to scrutinize the sky are now impressive.

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